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How important is camouflage for deer hunting stands?

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From deer hunting stands to any kind of hunting blind, ground blinds or tree blinds, camouflage is critical to bringing home that trophy. "Dress for success" not only applies in business, but also to hunting. Properly dressing your body, deer stands, and other hunting accessories will bring you greater hunting success.

Deer are timid animals, easily spooked and scared. Without proper camouflage of your deer hunting stands and ground or tree hunting blinds, from the ground blinds to the tree blinds, your target will run. The smart hunter will ensure his deer stands, clothing and hunting accessories blend into the environment. We recommend these tips for the best concealment.

The hunting blind, whether ground blinds or on deer hunting stands, is meant to cover and protect you. If you are not hidden from sight, sound and scent you will be detected and disappointed. Blinds on deer stands can make your hunting experience more fun and rewarding. Choose what best meets your specific needs and hunting location.

Deer hunting stands bring the hunting experience to another level, literally. A higher location gives you greater visibility and keeps you hidden better. You want to see the deer before it sees you. If it spots you, camouflage on your deer stands will help keep you from being identified as an intruding enemy.

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