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Why Redneck Blinds

Top Reasons Why Redneck Blinds Are The Best On The Planet.

Redneck Hunting Blinds are the best fiberglass hunting blind on the planet. They are built by the team at Redneck Manufacturing who also design and build award winning Redneck Street Rods the best fiberglass street rods on the planet.  It just so happens that the owners, engineers, and many of the employees at Redneck Manufacturing besides being a real group of “car freaks”, are also “hunting freaks”. This team of “hunting freaks” put the same passion into designing the perfect deer blind. Our employees & owners takes the same pride in building high quality long lasting deer blinds as they do building a custom $90,000 street rod.

1) Solid Fiberglass.

Molded solid Fiberglass with UV protected Gel Coat & Fiberglass that does not require painting. It will not crack or peel. Our rich looking green, black and earth tone splatter look colors are molded right into the product. Our blinds are virtually maintenance free.

Most competitor fiberglass hunting blinds are made from a Styrofoam core that is coated with fiberglass then painted with latex paint. Bugs also tend to work their way into weak spots in fiberglass in many of these blinds and burrow into the Styrofoam cores.

2) Whisper Quiet Design Features.

The inside of our blinds are sprayed with a proprietary sound, temperature, and fire retardant coating. This coating keeps noises inside the blind. We also use whisper quiet window and door hinges.

Many competing blinds have Plexiglas windows in sliding aluminum tracks that get dirty and squeaky very quickly

3) Tinted Tempered Automotive Glass with Flip up windows. – Among the Largest in the industry.

These windows in addition to being very quiet, flip up so they can easily be cleaned from both sides, and so you have full range to move your gun instead of only half of a window on side sliding windows. These high quality tinted tempered glass windows help hide movement inside the blind and help reduce glare.

4) Unparalleled weatherproofing detail.

Our engineers have placed every emphasis into designing our blinds to be a place of comfort for the hunter. We start from the ground up by covering our marine grade ¾” plywood floor with recycled high density ½” foam. Next we coat the inside of the blind with a proprietary spray on insulation that keeps blind cooler in early fall and warmer in winter. Our submarine style door with foam gaskets keeps wind out on those cold blustery days. We trim the glass windows with tight fitting foam gaskets to not only keep them quiet but to enhance the energy efficiency of the blind.  Finally we keep you dry by including a roof with drip edge and molded in drip rails over windows.

5) High Quality Powder Coated Stands.

Our metal stands stand above the crowd. All of our parts are water jet and laser cut for accuracy and easy assembly. We powder coat our stands with durable flat black powder coat finish that resists rusting much more than standard painted stands. The stand will look nice for years to come. All hardware is anti-rust zinc or black anodized.

Our sturdy ladder and porch allow for easy and safe access in and out of the blind. We also provide 4 24” leg stakes and 30” ground auger anchor along with 3/16’ galvanized cable and turn buckle for securing your stand to the ground.

6) If it is built by Redneck Manufacturing it will be the Best.

The team at Redneck is dedicated to manufacturing nothing but the best in any industry we design and build products for. So if you are whether you are looking for a hunting blind, shoot house or a fancy street rod look no further than Redneck Manufacturing.